Plan B + 1: Restoration

It is just over two years since a severe storm wrecked our polytunnel in February 2021and we have spent the intervening period repairing, renovating and redeveloping the vegetable garden. Some Covid restrictions were still in force, but a friend helped us take down the roof and we eventually managed to get a skip to remove

From Advent to Epiphany

I have successfully coughed and sneezed my way through most of December and January. Fortunately I have not been particularly ill, just grumpy enough to make the Head Gardener’s life miserable. As a penance I have been trudging around the croft feeding the livestock, digging vegetables and emptying the kitchen compost bin, bundled up in

Plan B?

We have just survived one of the worst weeks of weather I can remember for a long time. Storm force winds had been forecast for Saturday 13 February and by the late afternoon it was gusting about 70 mph, so we were not too surprised when there was a electrical power surge which blew several