Spring in the shade

In the distant north-west, Spring is hovering, oscillating beween damp, dreich days, spells of cold, wet, windy weather, with the odd gale thrown in for dramatic relief and rare calm sunny days. There is hardly a dandelion flower to light up the verge along the track to the vegetable garden and my gardens remain in […]

Plan B + 2: Repair and Renovation

Eventually every garden reaches the stage where the distinguished patina of age decays into senescence. This probably applies to the croft gardeners too, but in the summer of 2021 it was evident that parts of garden were in need of some care and attention. Over the years we have learnt that, in our harsh environment, […]

Plan B + 1: Restoration

It is just over two years since a severe storm wrecked our polytunnel in February 2021and we have spent the intervening period repairing, renovating and redeveloping the vegetable garden. Some Covid restrictions were still in force, but a friend helped us take down the roof and we eventually managed to get a skip to remove […]

Sunday Special

A Sunday afternoon perfect for gardening – blue sky, fluffy white clouds, sunshine and a brisk north-easterly wind, sharp enough to cut you in half. A good enough reason for pottering in the shelter of the greenhouse. As soon as you open the door you are enveloped in the perfume of these lovely purple iris. […]