Sunday Special

Dwarf Iris

A Sunday afternoon perfect for gardening – blue sky, fluffy white clouds, sunshine and a brisk north-easterly wind, sharp enough to cut you in half. A good enough reason for pottering in the shelter of the greenhouse. As soon as you open the door you are enveloped in the perfume of these lovely purple iris. They are currently the stars of the small greenhouse and for the past week or more, they have been the highlight of my morning tour of the garden.

I have been growing this iris for almost a decade, but it has only realised its full potential since it has been growing in the greenhouse. They will grow outside, but the flowers rarely last for more than a day or so in our intemperate spring weather.

Alas its name has been lost, but that is a mere detail.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Special

  1. A real treat for the winter weary. Lovely that it is perfumed too.

  2. They are gorgeous! I planted my first Iris last year, but I’m not sure if they will do much. What a great idea growing some under cover.

    • Iris are not the easiest of plants to establish, but it’s worth perservering.

  3. It’s gorgeous! Scent is a big plus though.

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