One last look…..

I have always known that the time would come when we would have to sell Croft Garden Cottage and the autumn of 2018 was the right time.  The hard part was making the decision and as I am not prone to sentimentality there are no regrets, especially as we have some lovely new neighbours. We […]

Riotous assembly

Windsor and cadmium lemon, bismuth, chrome and cadmium yellow, Naples and Indian deep and light yellow, jaune brilliant and yellow ochre have been splashed and dripped across Ardivachar headland as the sun has irradiated the islands for the past month. The machair is in its yellow period and the early summer flowers are glowing and […]

The late, late show

It is not just the seasons which have been out of kilter this year. I seem to have been doing a Carrollian impression of a white rabbit since Easter. Domestically my life has been topsy-turvy since the builders moved in and seemed reluctant to depart, except when they disappeared leaving me in chaos only to […]

From Dawn to Dusk

With less than a month to go to the winter solstice, the days are very short and the list of wintering gardening chores grows ever longer. October and November have been predictably wet and windy, but we have had some glorious sunny days perfect for some of the heavier winter jobs in the vegetable garden. […]