From Dawn to Dusk

With less than a month to go to the winter solstice, the days are very short and the list of wintering gardening chores grows ever longer. October and November have been predictably wet and windy, but we have had some glorious sunny days perfect for some of the heavier winter jobs in the vegetable garden. […]

Soup for Solace

The season of the great darkness is upon us and the time of great hunger approaches. Whether the hunger pangs are caused by an empty vegetable garden after the December storms or the mortification of the flesh (January diet) after the seasonal indulgence, I prescribe soup. For those who have stretched the family budget or […]

Breakfast by Moonlight

The winter solstice is rapidly approaching and the days are getting shorter. The sun does not rise until 9.00 am and when there is heavy cloud the mornings are very dark. Fortunately the moon is still high at 8.00 am  and although it is waning it casts a silvery light across the sea. So as […]