Breakfast by Moonlight

moonlight morning

The winter solstice is rapidly approaching and the days are getting shorter. The sun does not rise until 9.00 am and when there is heavy cloud the mornings are very dark. Fortunately the moon is still high at 8.00 am  and although it is waning it casts a silvery light across the sea. So as I sit in the rocking chair and contemplate the day ahead  I can breakfast by moonlight.

A slow, relaxed, solitary breakfast is a perfect start to my day – a pot of tea, crisp brown toast and tangy, chunky Seville marmalade or dried fruit compote with thick creamy yoghurt. A little music too – it has to be Bach. Perfection.

16 thoughts on “Breakfast by Moonlight

  1. Sounds absolutely delightful (although having had a gippy tummy for a couple of days enjoying any breakfast anywhere would seem attractive to me) – we get the moon shining directly into the front of the house in the evening, but the morning moon would be obscured by trees. We had a beautiful sunrise this morning though (also at the front of the house), so I suppose I could have attempted breakfast in bed. But tell me, were you really sitting in your rocking chair with your
    breakfast or were you writing this post?!

    • I do hope you feel better soon.
      I almost always eat my breakfast in the rocking chair. I use an old fashioned PC so I have to write my posts at my desk – however the basic post is usually written in my head when the muse strikes and posted later. I then remember that I need a suitable photo, so that takes time and by then I’ve usually had another idea for a post so I end up with my posts in my head then on the blog!

  2. I have only ever been to northern Europe in June when it’s the other way around: sun sets at midnight and rises at 4 a.m.! It’s light ALL the time!!!
    Eating breakfast by moonlight in your rocking chair sounds so romantic and peaceful. Glad you let us enjoy this time with you. (Will try out the dried fruit compote soon!)

    • Living in northern latitudes can be challenging and I know that many people find the winters difficult. I like the contrast between summer and winter and welcome the dark days as an excuse for slothful indulgence. It is important to take the time to reflect and enjoy sitting by the fire and reading or listening to music. Its also a wonderful time for cooking and baking!

  3. Breakfast by moonlight with Bach…. heavenly. Taking time to enjoy simple pleasures is what life is about!

  4. So peaceful and relaxing! Your post has given me a lovely sense of calm and well being 🙂

  5. I like your blog!

  6. I am breakfasting here in Wales as the sun rises and my kitchen faces East. I love the idea of your breakfast alone. I love solitude in the morning and my greatest challenge is to find a time when my 94 year old father in law is not in the kitchen. This sounds very miserable of me. He sings and hums and wants to chat in the morning. Your slow, relaxed, solitary breakfast sounds like my idea of heaven!

    • Hello Elizabeth – it’s another glorious winter morning here and the sun is just appearing over the hills to the east suffusing the sky with pink. I cherish the mornings when I can sit and have a quiet contemplative start to the day. I’m not at my most cheerful in the mornings and have been known to growl! So I sympathise.

      • I was so struck by this I have blogged myself about breakfast. Thank you for the idea! A surprising number of people have very particular habits!

        • It was a great blog and a fascinating array of responses – what creatures of habit we are!

  7. Doing just about anything by moonlight is good in my book. I bet your morning moments are filled with the most interesting and inspiring thoughts.

    • Moonlight has a very special quality and sadly so rarely encountered in an age where our beautiful night skies are blighted by light pollution. Fortunately there are still places where the night skies can be seen in their full glory.

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