12 Days of Christmas

Day 5: A Plant for all seasons

haemanthus albiflos

There are some plants which are as tough as old boots, live in dark corners, prefer to be totally pot-bound, appear to exist on little more than fresh air and flower in the winter! This is the perfect plant to give to anyone who professes to kill any plant they are given, it is indestructible. It may not turn the recipient into a gardener, but it will give them so much pleasure because it thrives on neglect.
There are usually a handful of plants tucked in odd corners in the greenhouses, or in a forgotten corner of the house, just waiting to be given away. I am sure that there must be at least one in almost every house on the island. They seem to multiply faster than I can find people to give them to. So on Day 5, I am offering “Five Haemanthus albiflos” and sadly not five gold rings.

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. This sounds like a houseplant for me! I am hopeless at remembering to water anything indoors!

  2. Ha – I am with Cathy on that!! This looks a most curious plant…

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