12 Days of Christmas

Day 10: Gifts from the sea

kelp on the beach
Kelp on Ardivachar Beach

If your garden has sandy or clay soil, or you prefer to use organic fertiliser, then the offer of an agricultural trailer full of kelp (about 10 tons) should make you smile like a Cheshire cat. If you are trying seaweed in it’s natural state for the first time, I should warn you that it can be a little pungent and you will undoubtedly have clouds of seaweed flies for a day or so. However, you don’t have to dig it in or rinse it, it is not full of weed seeds and in the winter you can either apply it as a mulch to your vegetable beds or compost it. It is the most wonderful soil conditioner and full of micro-nutrients.

Don’t worry we have plenty to spare, collecting seaweed as a fertiliser for local crofting use will not damage the environment, it is organic, and what is removed today will be replenished by the next northerly gale. Unfortunately, I can’t deliver. It is more useful than “ten lords a-leaping” but perhaps they could help you empty the trailer?

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. Green with envy here… I end up shelling out serious money each year for my 2 X 25 kg bags of dried seaweed meal! Still, quite right that you should have this practical plus to living on the shore, and coping with your gales!
    Best wishes

    • I’m sure all gardeners are subject to green envy. I regularly sigh over your wonderful display of bulbs!

  2. Shame you can’t deliver. 😉 I wonder what customs would say…. 🤣

    • I doubt if I’d even get on the ferry to Skye with a dripping load of fragrant seaweed!

  3. I can imagine just hw much of an asset it is – but those ten lords will take a lot of feeding once they have leaped about unoading the trailer!

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