A Week of Flowers 2022

Day Four: 3 December 2022: White Magic

Osteospermum ecklonis

Although far from perfect and past their best, I discovered this small group of Osteospermum flowers hiding under a mass of Eucomis leaves. They were produced by a plant that had survived the very wet winter of 2021. I have included them in my selection for Cathy’s Week of Flowers beause I admired their shining intensity in a dark part of the garden and the ability of an African daisy to survive a wet Hebridean winter.

The genus name Osteospermum comes from the Greek osteo meaning “bone” and sperma meaning “seed” in reference to the hard seeds.

6 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2022

  1. The fact that they survived makes them even more precious. An apt title. 😃

    • It’s the wind and the wet which kills my plants, not the cold. It should stop raining tomorrow, but then we might have snow!

  2. Gosh, that’s amazing to have survived! I used a lot of osteospermum in pots this year, and have potted some up and brought them inside to take cuttings from in the spring – I still have mixed feelings about them as some got quite leggy, although that could perhaps be resolved by pinching out

    • I can’t make my mind up about Osteospermums, I also experienced the leggy plant problem. On balance I think I prefer Gazanias, but I’ve not been very successful about over-wintering them in pots in the greenhouse. The perennial problem of wet winters!

      • Yes, I really ummed and erred about potting some up, but decided I had got nothing to lose as I could still compost them all next year anyway! And after a good start they had a long lull in flowering, but I suppose that could have been the heat – but don’t they like the heat? Hadn’t thought of gazanias – perhaps a different colour range though?

        • I think I’ll stick with the Gazanias. I like the hot colour range, but there is a white version which I’ve yet to find in the seed catalogues. However, it is always fun to try a mixed packet and see what grows.

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