A Week of Flowers

Day Three 24 November 2020

Today I am aiming to induce not just a smile, but an enormous grin, as my contribution to Cathy’s Week of Flowers. Please join us and help brighten these dark days.

Wild angelica
Wild Angelica Angelica sylvestris

It is a warm July afternoon and I have climbed over the fence into the “wild garden” – 5 ha of coastal grassland, which is part of our croft and home to a wonderful community of wild flowers, birds, bumblebees, butterflies, a host of other wee beasties, and an occassional frog. So close your eyes, feel the warmth of the sun, breathe the honeyed pefume of lady’s bedstraw and allow your spirits to soar with the song of the skylarks. Slowly open your eyes and wander through the tapestry of flowers, the purple of the tufted vetch, the bright yellow of the buttercups, bedstraws and bird’s-foot trefoil, the froth of the umbels of the wild carrot and waving stems of the plantains – then you will spot the strange bulbous erruptions amongst the grasses. It is wild angelica time! The energy and vitality of these magnificent plants will produce an “ooh” of wonder and then an enormous grin at the absurdity of these monumental herbs. They never fail to make me happy.

10 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers

  1. I’m grinning! 😁 What a wonderful plant that is. I hope to grow some in my herb garden next year as some seed found its way into my handbag while visiting a garden in the autumn….
    Thanks for taking me along in the summer meadow. 🤗

    • Oh good, you’ve made my day. I hope that the seed that you “acquired” is Angelica archangelica, as it’s wild cousin is far too tough for culinary use!

  2. Yes, I’m smiling here! Thank you.

    • Cathy’s week of flowers seems to a great success as there are lots of gardeners walking round with big smiles.

  3. Luffy

    Beautiful ❤️

    • Thank you – it’s one of my favourites!

  4. Angelica are so beautiful and your images capture that beautifully

    • Thank you, I’m pleased I’m not the only Angelia fan.

  5. Lovely prose to accompany your lovely photos, Christine

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