Christmas Candles

Aloe striatula
The hardy aloe – Aloe striatula

On a very grey, wet Hebridean morning I am unable to send you a vision of a snowy Christmas landscape with my seasonal greetings. So instead I offer some glowing floral spires from my greenhouse, a small gift of tropical sunshine.
Thank you to everyone whose digital garden diaries have inspired me and made me smile. Most of all thank you for the warm welcome when I returned to the fold and started writing again.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.
Best Wishes
The Croft Gardener

8 thoughts on “Christmas Candles

  1. Fabulous! What a Christmas treat

  2. Beautiful flowers – amazing what you can grow up there. 😉 Wishing you also a happy Christmas and a very happy new year!

  3. So it’s just as well you were in no way anticipating a snowy Hebridean landscape! I wonder however it was less grey and cloudy on Monday (?) and if you were able to see the Great Conjunction – my Mum has just told me today that the clouds lifted in time and she was able to see it from Luing. Those are indeed pretty candles, another possibility for the Coop I think – do keep the ideas coming! Hope you and Chris had a pleasant day and have benefitted from a full larder.

    • It had been clear all day, we were all set for planet watching and as the light began to fade a bank of cloud appeared on the western horizon! Don’t think I’ll be around for the next one!
      The aloe is spectacular and just keeps growing and flowering. It may well out grow its space! However, it is apparently very hardy, so when we take some cuttings I might try a couple in the garden.
      Thank you we had a very quiet day and our full larder should keep us fed a for a week or so!

  4. Luffy

    Merry Christmas to you and here’s to a happy year of island gardening in 2021

    • I hope so – it will stop raining eventaually. Building houses is important, but the garden is the best bit.

  5. Lovely candles.

  6. What a fabulous plant, and colour. All the best for 2021!

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