Dancing Planets

Pleiades Elihu Vedder
The Pleiades – Elihu Vedde

On nights when the depth of the silence echoes the murmur of the waves and there is the cool caress of a zephyr the planets dance. The silver crescent of the waxing moon is crowned with the diadem of Venus whilst Jupiter’s pale light reflects her mystery. The Pleiades glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid¹ and as the celestial music of the spheres electrifies the soul of the poet the muse is liberated.

¹Alfred Lord Tennyson

3 thoughts on “Dancing Planets

  1. Love this post and the picture is incredible!

    • Thank you – we obviously have very similar tastes. One of the advantages of living this far north is the spectacular night skies.

      • How lucky for you! I agree on the similarity in tastes.

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