Earth Day – late celebrations

Ardivachar reef
Ardivachar reef

We were sitting enjoying the late evening sunshine and a glass of wine, watching the skydancers and musing as to whether we’d have a spectacular sunset when the Ardivachar gods gave me a nudge in the ribs. A beautiful male Hen Harrier, resplendent in pearl grey and black livery, had the temerity to fly through the skydancer’s no fly zone. Both Lapwings were immediately airborne, twisting and turning, tumbling and spinning around the intruder. Harriers also have a reputation for skyrobatics and we were treated to a spectacular display of cirque du ciel. Then it was over, the intruder retreated with dignity and a look of disdain.
Apparently I’d still not got the hint, this time it was a divine kick up the derrière. As I was doing the washing-up I caught a glimpse of a splash just off-shore. Intrigued I had another look and lo and behold a curved fin and then another and even more! A line of shiny black backs with undulating fins moving down the headland. Then a breach and finally leaps and somersaults. Bottle-nosed Dolphins!
This was only the second time in four years that we’d seen dolphins at Ardivachar – mainly because we are protected by an offshore reef and the inshore waters are very shallow. So this school was obviously taking advantage of the high tide to go exploring.
So I’d finally got the hint that I should celebrate Earth Day with a post about the wildlife of Ardivachar. This was a timely reminder that even this very special place has the ability to amaze and surprise me. So for everyone who is not fortunate enough to live in paradise, I’d like to share my joy and delight at living on a beautiful planet.

6 thoughts on “Earth Day – late celebrations

  1. so glad to have found your bit of earthly paradise. Look forward to many more posts

    • Thank you. Feel free to drop in any time, I’m only the custodian and I’m willing to share it with anyone who wishes to enjoy.

  2. Beautiful writing about a beautiful place. Belated Happy Earth Day!

    • Thank you. I love compliments about my writing

  3. I often feel I live in paradise here too but I have never seen a dolphin from my window. I second the writing comment!

    • I feel I should use some erudite quote from an obscure Persian poet about the nature of paradise, but I’m still chuckling over the vision of dolphins at the bottom of your garden in the Welsh hills.

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