En Vacances?

Maurice Logan c.1920

No I’m still here, enjoying the glorious weather on the Hebridean riviera, cosseting our holiday cottage visitors, planting bulbs and seeds, harvesting and preserving enough for a winter of apocalyptic proportions, and masquerading as a domestic goddess. Oh and in my spare time I’m general factotum, galley slave and supplier of tea and cakes.

Nothing new, but the absence of bulletins from the croft garden and pithy, erudite, learned comments usually means that my muse is either sulking or AWOL. The flibbertigibbet was just a bit miffed by the minor disarray caused by the arrival of the builders, the swathing of the house in green plastic sheets, the nuclear winter of plaster dust, the hammering, sawing and smell of paint. However, the final straw was the eviction from the home office and the disconnection of the faithful “all singing all dancing” desktop PC. The temporary replacement with the “etch-a-sketch touch screen thing” was too much for her sensitive artistic constitution, and having to listen to me curse such new fangled machines as the “spawn of the devil” was so traumatic that she decamped to the nearest spa (aka pub) to “take the waters”.

Unless there are any other unpleasant surprises to be revealed by the builders, work should be finished in another two weeks. So I’m shaking the moths out of my Harris tweed jacket, taking the cashmere out of mothballs, polishing the brogues, taming my hair and deserting the croft and mayhem for a few days to visit my family on the big island.

Normal service will be resumed at some point, so “hasta la vista baby “.

10 thoughts on “En Vacances?

  1. Enjoy your trip to the big island – sounds like something out of Katie Morag… Hope your builders depart and your muse returns very soon!

    • My solo trips to the big island and travelling south of the border are always unpredictable and definitely have a touch of the a grown-up Katie Morag (if you don’t know who she is do look her up and you will see why Sarah’s allusion is apt).
      Our builders are charming and no trouble at all, it’s just the collateral mess of building work in an open-plan house! As for my muse she can be temperamental and is a bit of drama queen, but if you ignore her she usually comes back!

  2. Doubtless your muse needs to rest and recharge her braincells every so often, but it looks as if she will need a lot of coaxing to perform with new fangled machines – or will your trust PC be returned in due course? Enjoy your big adventure, and if you are passing anywhere near the Midlands please do get in touch and call in as you would be most welcome ps hope you are not deliberately escaping before the borders close (or to avoid voting!)……. 😉

    • In some respects I am a techno-Luddite. the new fangled machine was purchased so that I can stay in touch (and out of trouble?) when solo traveling as I hate mobile phones and could never manage a smartphone! I also have a laptop which I also dislike! So the old PC will be restored and all will be well in my world.
      Thank you for the kind invitation, but this is a very short visit and I will definitely be back to vote. Life could get very interesting here if the islands declare UDI and seek refugee status with the Scandinavians!

  3. Hasta la vista baby – great move

    • A classic, but is it in the same league as “here’s looking a you, kid” even if it is a misquote?

      • Of course! Up there with the Goldies 🙂
        Whats not to love about a woman with a polytunnel and attitude

  4. I hope you are having a lovely time this side of the border. I haven’ t been catching up with you lately because I haven’ t being seeing your posts.. I thought you had gone quiet. From time WordPress does this. I shall have to refollow you. Glad you are still there and still blogging despite the chaos.

    • I’ve just got back and we’ve graduated from chaos to bedlam. So although I’m trying to read my favourite blogs and add the odd comment when I can, it may be a week or two before I begin to post again. Fortunately our amazing September weather continues so I can still seek refuge in the garden.

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