6 thoughts on “Fascinating Physalis

  1. How lovely to watch the progression from flower to ‘lantern’ to fruit, Christine. I have to confess to buying some physalis Christmas lights a couple of years ago because they were so pretty (and tasteful too).

    • They are delicious and are beautiful plants to grow. However, they take up a lot of room so I’m not sure that we will grow them again.

  2. Brilliant photography! How do they taste?

    • Orangey with tropical fruit undertones, sweet but with a touch of acid. The fruit is about the size of a cherry but with bags of flavour. This one is for grown-ups and I love them.

      • Are they annuals? In what zone are you? I have never seen them here, yet would be tempted to try them if I can find them in the US.

        • We’re probably about zone 9, a long way north but with a maritime climate. In the UK Physalis are grown as annuals in an unheated greenhouse/polytunnel. You should be able to find the seed without too much difficulty as the plant originates from South America.

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