Hold the Front Page

WP gave my muse a bit of a nudge today with a reminder that I’ve now been blogging for 2 years!  At this juncture, with a world-weary sigh and a Gallic shrug of the shoulders, my muse departed muttering something about a world cruise.
So on a wet Monday afternoon I’m muse-less and have a deadline to meet for my contribution to the community newspaper. This is tea and cake country and hardly requires the grit of a Martha Gellhorn. I’m not sure a trench coat, typewriter and a quart of the hard stuff would solve my problem, but if I get desperate….
As usual my head is buzzing with ideas, a veritable hive of inspired nonsense. Unfortunately the problem seems to be finding the impetus to get the words into some sort of semblance of order. It is too easy to get distracted, to procrastinate until the deadline concentrates the mind.
When I’m dithering and cursing my fickle muse, I should really look to the women journalists, who worked and lived on the edge, for inspiration and just get on with it. Writing for Am Pàipear is not going to win me a Pulitzer nor change the world. Nor for that matter is my eccentric blog, which brings me to the point of this periphrastic post. To my regular readers, those who drop-in from time to time, the intrepid and experimental cooks who are brave enough to try my recipes and especially everyone who joins in the craic, thank you, I have enjoyed your company.

There will be more once I’ve hunted down my errant muse. Now where did I put that eye-shade……….

2 thoughts on “Hold the Front Page

  1. Now who has described your blog as ‘eccentric’, Christine – periphrastic (had to look it up) maybe, but eccentric? No, just your own inimitable and unique style! Congratulations on surviving two years of blogging (your post had me rushing to check when my two years were up as I know we began around the same time, but I have another month to go) – I have enjoyed the banter 🙂 ps hope your muse took pity on you

    • Thank you Cathy. My muse is a temperamental flibberty gibbet, but she is back and muttering about building arks. As for the blog it will continue to meander its way through the year and despite my best efforts my muse continues to lead me astray!.

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