In the land of plenty

Vegetables in polytunnel in May May

At last salad rationing has come to an end and there are rewards for hard labour. Each spring is different, but by the end of May we have stopped anticipating and started eating! The first new potatoes with fresh mint, slim, sweet carrots with feathery chervil, finger courgettes and baby fennel with a drizzle of fragrant olive oil, ribbons of juicy beetroot, crunchy radish, fresh milky lettuce, peppery rocket and dark green baby spinach. No culinary skills required, no sublime sauces, no exotic ingredients just fresh flavours. No additives, no food miles, no pesticides, no preservatives, no packaging, no flavour enhancers, just green goodness. This is why I grow vegetables.
And for desert…


6 thoughts on “In the land of plenty

  1. That all sounds so amazing I could turn into a veggie in a heartbeat! Looks like that’s all pretty mammoth production: is it an enormous poly tunnel you grow in? Does it keep you self sufficient in veg and salads over the summer? Luffy

    • There is something very special about the early summer vegetables which are made even better by a langoustine or two on the side!
      The polytunnel is 18 x 6m and is a major player in keeping us self sufficient in salads and veg for 9 months of the year. An absolute life saver!

  2. That all looks and sounds so good, the arrival of the homegrown salad season is always to be welcomed. Your polytunnel must make a big difference to the veg you can grow – you’re way ahead of my out of doors veggies.

    • There is nothing better than home grown salad and vegetables and the early salads are definitely the best of the year. the poytunnel extends both the growing season and range of vegetables we can grow. The outdoor growing season is short and I won’t start harvesting until early July and then everything will be ready at once! However the way the slugs are munching there might not be anything left!

  3. Nothing to beat those first tastings from the garden. Especially young fresh salad leaves.

    • It is a pity that so many have forgotten about the joys of eating in season. We’ve just started on the strawberries and I will enjoy everyone and when they’re finished there will be something else to look forward to. Strawberries in December no thanks.

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