National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides

Winter sunset Ardivachar, South Uist
Winter sunset Ardivachar, South Uist


Think mostly muted
as if seen through grey veils

still think abundant green, duller
water-logged brown in places
moss green fringed fawn

think cinnamon and ginger
think peat brown dug deep, almost black
think grey burns, grey lochs
grey sea trailing white spray

Then think a low down sun
think peat grass glowing crimson
on the hill

think marram glossing ochre
over pale sand against gold water

think brimming burns and lochs
holding ink blue light.

From Storm Biscuits by Pauline Prior-Pitt

4 thoughts on “National Poetry Day in the Outer Hebrides

  1. What delightful imagery, Chris – I have clicked on your link for Pauline Prior-Pitt (lovely name too!) as I want to read more, and will also pass the link to others in my family who I know will be equally delighted. I knew National Poetry Day was coming up in October but not which day, so was premature with ‘Snapshots’, but it was bubbling up and needed to come out then anyway!

    • Poetry isn’t just for special days – so keep posting. Pauline’s poetry is a particular favourite – her poems about life often make me smile but at times can move me to tears. So i hope you enjoy your new discovery.

  2. Of course you would have a National Poetry Day in Scotland! What a beautiful surprise to find you have featured a contemporary poet and lovely poem that so perfectly suits your surroundings.

    • There is a very strong oral tradition in Gaelic which is unfortunately lost to me – however we have some very fine contemporary poets in the islands who write in English. So poetry and literature is alive and well in the islands.

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