National Poetry Day, Outer Hebrides

Ardivachar Beach Winter
Ardivachar Beach Winter

Waiting for the Tide of Inspiration
syllables dancing in the spray,
words rolling in grains of sand,
antonyms hiding in fronds of kelp,
synonyms twisted in shining alginates,
will the wind release the rhymes,
sonnets to soar above the waves,
or leave them tangled in flotsam
poetic debris, drowned doggerel?

12 thoughts on “National Poetry Day, Outer Hebrides

  1. or will the waves wash the words way beyond our reach….?

    • In the case of my doggerel one would hope so!

      • I don’t see you as a McGonagall though, Christine 😉

        • 🙂 Ok I’ll stick to prose and make the poetry muse redundant!

          • Oh no! You misunderstand (or are you teasing?)! I was praising your poetry (I thought) by rating it far above McGonagall and his doggerel!

          • >:)

  2. You have such very beautiful beaches.

    • Elizabeth you are welcome to walk on my beach any day, but I’d wait until this afternoon when the mist lifts.

  3. I live by the ocean so I would agree about it’s power to inspire and pull from even very ordinary people great inspiration.

    • Having been land-locked for most of my life, living by the sea is a constant joy.

  4. A life by the sea must be so inspiring. You have created one of my most favored blogs.

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