7 thoughts on “National Poetry Day – Seeing the light

  1. A lovely atmospheric photo, Christine, and an appropriate poem to accompany it. Hmm, perhaps I ought to go down the haiku line one of these days…

    • Thank you. I think you’d enjoy the haiku challenge too.

      • But only 17 syllables…that’s tough!

        • You have to take your socks off when you run out of fingers.

          • 🙂

  2. Lovely, I didn’ t know it was National Poetry Day. The Pianist and I are very keen on making up haikus on long car journeys. Limericks too, about the towns we pass by, but you can’ t call those poetry.

    • This is my firts attempt at a haiku and I think it could become addictive! National Poetry Day is about making poetry accessible and getting everyone to join in and if they can’t write a couple of lines to read or listen to a poem being read. Afterall a poem is only a rhythmic, condensed form of prose, so limericks count!

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