4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Is it safe to come out now?

  1. You do grow some lovely things in pots. It’ s always a joy to see the first irises appear.

    • Using pots enables us to appreciate some of the more delicate plants and those that won’t tolerate our wonderful weather. This dwarf iris grows in the garden without any problem, but I often have a small piece in the pot when I’m dividing the plants.
      the original plant was bought from Treasures of Tenbury Wells over 25 years ago when it was an old-fashioned country house garden with a traditional nursery. Such a pity I lost the label!

  2. The Iris is such a personal favorite…Love the bold color you captured.

    • I love Iris, and I’m delighted that I can grow some outside. Bold and beautiful colours but such intricate delicate flowers.

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