9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Perfect in Purple

  1. I love these little Irises, they are like little jewels. This is such a pretty one.

    • They give the impression of fragility but are really very tough. Unfortunately they can be a little fussy and need to be nurtured to encourage them to repeat flower.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Look at those multicoloured tips (probably a technical word for them, I suppose)! Someone has been free with a paint brush!

    • The perfection that only nature can achieve.

      • Bending over backwards to heal, these are called ‘recursive tepals’. — The Healing Garden gardener

  4. Very very beautiful. I wonder why I haven’t got any?

    • They are very easy to grow and there are plenty of lovely varieties that are widely available. I have an abundance of bulbs and I will try to remember to send you some this summer, although you may have to remind me.

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