8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pink Flush

  1. Saila

    Breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. That’s beautiful Christine – how many bulbs in the pot?

    • There are about 10 bulbs, you can’t see all the flowers in the photo.
      They are growing in the greenhouse bed and not in a pot. This greenhouse is not open to public view yet as we’ve only just started planting the beds, but I might tease you with a preview of some of the plants as they come into flower.

      • Is this the smart greenhouse you had for 60th? I am sure you will be planning some real beauties, unusual beauties at that, and I look forward to both a preview and the public reveal

        • Good thing I’m not sensitive about my age!
          No this is definitely Head Gardener territory, I’m only allowed in by invitation.

          • Ooopsies, Christine – although did you not mention it publically on your blog at the time?

          • OK, I came out as a sexagenarian. I now have a legitimate reason for my grumpiness.

          • I hadn’t realised there was a correlation…

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