7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Scrapyard Garden

  1. Luffy

    One of my very favourite wildflowers. Their scent is amazing ❤️

    • They really seem to stand-up to the weather here and self-seed all over the garden. Unlike primroses they are not native to the islands, but they are one of my highlights of the spring.

  2. MaryB

    A sign of hope amid destruction. Such cheering plants, they have self seeded in our garden and each year bring joy.

    • Nature just carries on regardless. When moving the piles of rusted metal we also found a field vole and her nest, and a pygmy shrew scampering around looking for insects.

  3. A tough little plant! I wonder if the polytunnel will be replaced. Or is it too much of a risk with such horrible storms each year?

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