Wordless Wildflower Wednesday – Pure Gold

Marsh Marigolds, Kingcups, Caltha palustris with hoverfly (Eristalsis pertinax)
Marsh Marigolds, Kingcups, Caltha palustris with hoverfly (Eristalsis pertinax)

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wildflower Wednesday – Pure Gold

  1. We saw big areas of these marsh marigolds in Orkney, but I wasn’t sure without a book if that’s what they were or if they were greater celandines as I am rusty on many wildflowers these days. Good to see evidence of insect activity! Also good to have you blogging again, but I do understand if you have other priorities – it certainly takes time to keep on top of it but it does give me a lot of pleasure and I like the discipline of a daily post, but it does push some things down the priority list unfortunately!

    • The Kingcups have been spectacular this year and are an absolute joy. I do enjoy both writing my blog and reading others, but the summer is surrealist juggling act of balancing commitments and unfortunately somethings have to fall by the wayside. However at last we have a spell of sunshine and almost no wind so at last it’s time to get in the garden.

  2. This is a color I have never used in my garden, but I find that with time and exposure to many other blooms in this palette that I may have to incorporate it. It’s quite exuberant.

    • It certainly is a very vibrant colour and in skilled hands it could be quite striking. I think there are cultivated strains of Caltha available. The cottage garden is too dry but it grows in an area of damp rushy grassland on the croft. This year spring has been relatively wet which would explain why there are fields, loch edges and drainage ditches full of golden flowers – absolutely stunning.

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