12 Days of Christmas

Day 11: Green Fingers and Fairy Dust

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I have never lost the sense of wonder and excitement that is generated when I plant seeds. From opening the packet, to placing the seeds in the earth, the gentle application of water and then the growing sense of anticipation as I watch and wait for the seeds to germinate. There is still a sense of magic as the combination of a little heat and water turns a dry seed into a fragile seedling.
I am still in awe that the infinite variety of flower shapes and structures, the often complex relationship with pollinators or the random events that result in the pollen landing on the right stigma to produce a seed. This is only the halfway-house, next comes the development of the fruit or seedpod and an array of innovative dispersal mechanisms which can vary from the ballistic to autorating flight, or hitching a ride on animal fur or digestive system. Of course, this can all be explained by the application of science, from evolutionary genetics and natural selection to interactions with physical environmental factors. Scientific curiosity can provide me with the hows, whys and wherefores, but I still have a sneaking suspicion that it is fairy dust on the green fingers of the best gardeners that awakens the seed.
I cannot give you the gift of green fingers or fairy dust because, if you still feel the excitement everytime you open a packet of seed, you already have it.

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. Oh yes, I do know what you are talking about Christine. I sometimes squeal or squeak (very quietly) when I see my first tomato or basil seedling. 😉 I even get excited when my seed packets arrive! Hope to get a greenhouse one day….

    • Don’t wait too long for your greenhouse, you can grow so much more, even in a small one.

  2. Yes indeed – one of life’s many miracles! I went through my leftover seeds yesterday and sorted out what could be kept for another year before going on to order tthe extras I needed (wanted) – and the next step is to start my January sowings….exciting times!

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