A Week of Flowers 2022

Day Two: 1 December 2022: Two Cucurbits

Courgette flower

Cucumber flowers

Every year I look forward with eager anticipation to the first courgettes and cucumbers. Their cool delicate taste is the epitonomy of summer and their bright yellow flowers are like beacons of sunshine amongst the large dark green leaves. I also have a penchant for stuffed courgette flowers. So the inclusion of the cucurbits is not just about the beauty of the flowers, there are memories of long lazy lunches in Italy threaded through the floral aesthetics and a touch of epicurean hedonism too.

4 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2022

  1. A lovely cheerful colour. 😃 I find it amazing that you manage to grow these in your climate. I have never tried eating the flowers but think I will find a recipe for next year.

    • I can grow courgettes outside, but I get much better results in the greenhouse or polytunnel.

  2. The green veining is an added bonus, isn’t it?

    • I agree, they’re beautiful flowers. It’s all too easy to dismiss the flowers on our utilitarian fruit and veg plants, many of them are “garden worthy”.

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