Advent Calendar – the Last Window


It is Christmas Day 2013 and I have opened the last window in the Year of Natural Scotland Advent Calendar. So it is now time to wish you a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year, may you all grow and prosper. For those whose Christmas will be a difficult period my thoughts are with you.
Thank you to everyone who has visited the croft this year, you are always welcome and there is always tea and cake in the croft kitchen.

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – the Last Window

  1. Happy Christmas, keep safe from the storms.
    Look forward to following your posts next year!

  2. And you too. So look forward to New Year posts from Croft Garden! Cheers. Diane

  3. Not just tea and cake, I guess, after all that baking! I look forward to another year of pithy posts and friendly banter 😉

    • Absolutely there were a few other culinary treats just in case the power went off again.

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