Flora’s Revenge

Jasper tablet of ‘The Fall of Phaeton’, c.1780, ©National Museums Liverpool

If you go around implying that someone’s daughter is a flirtatious flibbertigibet it is reasonably predictable that her father won’t be too impressed. Now if dad happens to be Zeus you can probably expect the odd thunderbolt and the wrath of the whole pantheon of gods.

I knew I was in trouble when the ravens took to sitting on the cottage roof. Fortunately I did not meet the fate of poor Phaeton, so I’ll be back as soon as I’ve finished my penance.

7 thoughts on “Flora’s Revenge

  1. Hope you are back to full strength soon, you gave us a scare! Take it easy meantime.

    • Thank you, no need to worry I’m very resilient and will be back to full strength very soon.

  2. So glad your sense of humour has not been overly affected by the penance you are undertaking, nor your efforts to educate us lesser mortals.These Greek myths are certainly very fanciful aren’t they?! 😉

    • I have heeded the warning and will steer clear of Greek gods for a while. Thank you for the good wishes, I’m tackling my in-box mountain and normal service will be resumed shortly.

      • I am very pleased to hear it as I am sure you have been playing down the penance you have been serving. Please take good care of yourself

  3. You’ve just made me want to go to the national museum in Liverpool.

    • This panel is part of a stunning Wedgwood collection in the Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight. It is a gem of a museum with some very fine 19th century painting and well worth a visit, as are the Tate and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

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