For One Day Only

Loch Bhacasaraidh, South Uist
Loch Bhacasaraidh, South Uist

This opportunity is not to be missed! Take advantage of this rare offer and you will not be disappointed. Another piece of spam for the junk mail folder? Not at all, the promise of a dry, sunny and calm Christmas Day from the weather forecast.
Loch Bhacasaraidh StoneybridgeAs the rosy fingers of dawn caressed the Beinns, there were no dark squally clouds brooding on the horizon just the merest etching of frost on the grass and a smear of ice across the puddles. As the sun rose the landscape absorbed the golden glow of the sun’s rays and the moors were transformed into a sumptuous tapestry.
Not a breath of wind to rustle the reeds or the whistle of a wigeon to disturb the reflections of the hills in the loch. Deep silence, a moment frozen in time to enjoy the stillness and appreciate the beauty of the landscape warmed by a winter sun.
Christmas morning drifts on, no presents to unwrap, just nature’s gifts to enjoy. As the sun climbs into a blue sky it is time to move south.
Eriskay Ferry Terminal
Eriskay Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal on Eriskay is deserted, there will be no trip to Barra today. So we sit on the rocks like castaways wondering if there will be any footprints on Charlie’s Beach today apart from ours. It is time for the Christmas Day picnic. The venue may change but it has to include either Christmas cake or mince pies. It might not be Christmas lunch will all the trimmings, but for the croft gardeners this is perfection.

20 thoughts on “For One Day Only

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Love that blue sky! Happy New Year to you both!

  3. What beautiful photos and what a serene looking island. By chance I’ve literally just finished reading John Buchan’s ‘Island of Sheep’, which is really about the Faroes rather than the Scottish Isles, but the scenery he describes is a great deal like this. Thank you for the post.

    • I’ve always wanted to go to the Faeroes. Beautiful if you like northern island landscape and it’s even windier than good old Ardivachar.

  4. Sounds and looks perfect!

    • Sometimes you receive very special gifts that are priceless.

  5. A beautiful gift indeed.

    • Definitely one of the best Christmas Day picnics for a number of years.

  6. What a fabulous post, which captures your very special place in well chosen words and takes me there, and that particularly stunning monochrome image of the unpronounceable loch,
    Happy New Year,

    • Happy New Year Julian. There are moments here when the beauty and silence just bring you to a standstill and you have no choice but to stand and stare. Even reaching for the camera is sometimes too greater a risk lest one destroys the moment.
      I’m not sure about the pronunciation of this one, gaelic always seems to have too many letters for syllabuls.

  7. Oh what a lovely Christmas Day tradition Christine – thank you for sharing the moment with us. I love that first picture – it looks like embroidery on layers of fabric

    • Whether or not the weather will be good enough for a Christmas Day picnic is the subject of more discussion and anticipation than the rest of the whole festive season, and if it happens itos always one of the highlights of the year.

  8. Very nice. I loved that first photography.

    • Thank you – I’m sure you were doing something equally as active during the festive season.

  9. And what was Plan B?

    • Do you really want to know? You wouldn’t be far wrong if you included some of the seven deadly sins!

      • So are you relieved you didn’t have to go down that slippery slope..?. 😉

        • The picnic was wonderful and the debauchery will have to wait for another time now that we’re into January austerity.

  10. Beautiful. What an amazing way to spend Christmas.

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