Running Repairs

running-repairsFor most of this month we have had Hebridean weather in extremis; the only thing we have not had is sunshine. This is all part of our daily life and I don’t normally mutter too much except when it’s my turn to fill the log basket, dig the parsnips, take the wheelie bin down the drive or when there is no milk in the supermarket (again) because the ferry has been cancelled again.
However, I have obviously been too smug about our ability to survive everything that the weather gods can conjure and for the sin of hubris one can expect heavenly retribution. So once again a divine sandalled foot was applied to the derrière.
Pottering in the greenhouse and I found a nut (metal not botanical) on the floor and happened to look up to see that the automatic opening vents were strangely contorted and that one of the roof lights was sitting in the gutter! Somehow the wind had managed to force open and blow out the opening lights in the greenhouse roof.
The week before Christmas, not much we could do except move the hardly plants and pots of seeds to the tunnel and the tender plants into the house. The running repairs were limited to tying the vents shut again and hoping for the best. A chastening experience knowing that another severe gale might blow out the rest of the roof lights.
There is currently much scratching of heads amongst the engineers responsible for designing the greenhouse and wondering whether they too are guilty of a little hubris.
On balance, I think I would rather cope with our winter weather than with the festive season mayhem on the big island. I think it’s easier to repair a greenhouse than Christmas angst.

However you are celebrating the Christmas season may it be a joyous occasion.

16 thoughts on “Running Repairs

  1. You are well out of it, believe me! Enjoy your island isolation and the sense of perspective it brings. I hope you get the greenhouse fixed up soon. Merry Christmas to you and a very Happy New Year. Dan.

    • Thank you Dan. Your Christmas celebrations will be as stylish as mine is simple, but equally as enjoyable and may the joy continue through into the New Year. I love visiting your gardens thay are so different to mine, but still a source of inspiration. Best of all you make me laugh, so please keep writing.

  2. All this AND your weather AND no angst too – how wonderful! 🙂

    • Hebridean Zen, can’t change it so make the best and enjoy it.

  3. Hope your greenhouse survives the winds until its repaired. Have a lovely Christmas! ❄️🌊☔️

    • Thank you and may you enjoy your festive season. I’m an optimist and I’m sure the greenhouse will be repaired in the New Year and be bursting will plants again.

  4. Hope Santa brings you some calmer weather. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas season!

    • Thank you Cathy, you always have something nice to say. I do hope that your Christmas celebrations are going well.

  5. Hope you have a joyous christmas! Ive not commented for a long time but im still here reading your blog! Too busy with the baby nowadays! Merry christmas!

    • Congratulations Anna, I’m delighted that you still have time to drop by. Christmas with a new baby will be very special and you have our good wishes.

  6. I really enjoyed your posts over this past year and look forward to sharing your thoughts in 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the New Year…May each day bring you special moments.

    • Thank you for your very kind thoughts Charlie. Wishing you a joyous and propserous New Year.

  7. Gardening in a gale indeed! Best wishes for a less blowy start to 2015, and a return to a snug greenhouse,

    • This particular island paradise wouldn’t be perfect without the gales, but it is glorious when it stops blowing and the sun comes out. It’s stopped raining and I can see a gap in the clouds, so may be it will be a gardening day.

  8. I too look forward to following your posts in 2015. Happy New Year and here’s to stronger glasshouses! 😉

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