In a Vase on Monday – Irises

Iris Vase

Alas my contributions to Cathy’s meme are somewhat erratic and it looked as if I was set for another failure. Yesterday was wet and windy and today the mist rolled in enveloping everything in a thick white blanket. Somehow a bunch of chervil with a few insignificant white umbels was too feeble, but that was the best the polytunnel had to offer. Not even a courgette flower.

So some lateral thinking was required. My irises in a vase is perhaps an artistic interpretation of the theme. The flowers are made of glass and are trapped in the glass walls to produce a wonderful three-dimensional effect. Alas too technically difficult for me to photograph adequately.

However, this is really rather too feeble and lest it be whispered that I am not taking meme at all seriously, it was time for to go on a quest for the real thing.
So whilst the good gardening ladies waltzed around with their trugs picking dew kissed roses, I was off in my wellies and full waterproofs with a large plastic bag.

Iris pseudacorus – Yellow Flag is common in the islands and is just starting to flower. It grows on the headland just beyond the house and it is amazing that such a delicate flower can withstand the wind. I have never cut any for the house before, not sure why as they are very abundant and very beautiful. I should probably have taken just three stems and produced something very oriental and stylish, but why have three when you can have more? So here is the real thing –  iris in a vase for Monday.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Irises

  1. I love your very literal interpretation!! It is stunning. Beautiful iris, and unique too, it looks quite different from the ones around these parts.

  2. Wonderful! And I love the image of you battling the elements in your wellies to create such an elegant vase!

    • Thanks Cathy, it wasn’t that bad. The head to toe waterproofs were need for lying in the grass to take the photos. One has to suffer for one’s art or even for Cathy’s meme!

  3. What a lovely vase! But I am glad you braved the elements to find the Irises, they are pretty. They put themselves by my pond and seed around enthusiastically. This is the first year that I thought about putting them in a vase. I love the view of the sea in the background.
    By the way I do actually have a trug! My lovely daughter- in- law gave it to me and I have never used it, because I didn’ t quite know what to do with it. But now , I do! I will go round the garden with it and pick flowers. That’s what ladies do with trugs. But I expect they are the kind of ladies who wear floaty dresses and don’ t get their hands dirty.

    • I would love a trug, but alas it would be ornamental and soon become a depository for trowels, secetares, bowls of twine, old plant labels etc. I do have a grape picker’s basket (bit like a big trug), but that now houses the kindling by the stove. So I’m probably better off with my plastic bucket for weeds!

  4. Nothing wrong with a bunch of chervil and a few insignificant white umbels 🙂 And thank you for sharing the first very very intriguing vase too – it’s hard to visualise how it has been created without seeing the real thing, regardless of your photographic skills. Now I do hope you haven’t risked letting that Hebridean cold and damp get into your bones just for the sake of contributing the vase meme, but I am so glad that you did venture out in your head to toe waterproofs and lay down in the grass to take your photos as you have proved how a very common flower in your parts can be shown to be as elegant and stylish as it really is. Delightful – and not quirky at all, just perceptive. Thank you!

    • The chervil went in the lemon butter sauce with the fish! We now have sunshine again and I’m plotting next the next vase!

      • Do we have you hooked…?

        • Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too. Aldous Huxley

          • Not heard that one before! 🙂

          • Just standing on the shoulders of giants….

  5. The vase itself is gorgeous. The yellow flag iris are amazing too. I’ve never seen so many. Susie

    • The vase sits on the windowsill to catch the light – far to lovely for any practical purpose.

    • The yellow flags are in full bloom at the moment – by the acre they’re stunning.

  6. Your yellow Iris are beautiful and made more so by the trouble you went to in order to collect them. That vase at the top of the post is spectacular.

  7. I have something very similar here in VA. A bucket of digs were given to me and now they are a huge mass. I think I have a garden thug! Love the vase…stunning!

    • As lovely as they are, they do tend to spread at an amazing rate.
      The vase was bought in Pasadena so originates on your side of the pond.

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