9 thoughts on “Sheltering from the storm

  1. I’m impressed, I’ve never really manage dto grow cauliflowers, the odd one here and there but I put that down to random luck as opposed to anything I actually did!

    • I don’t know whether it is the soil or the climate or both, I can grow cauliflowers with ease. The winter ones are individual portion size which is a bit more manageable than the summer family size, especially when they’re all ready at once.

  2. I am amazed how the garden has hung on this year…I still have blooms that seem to be withstanding the frosts that come each night.

    • We’ve had a long summer too, but things went rapidly downhill at the end of September. We expect the gales but we’ve also had a phenomenal amount of rain.

  3. Perfection!

  4. Do you ever make beef broth from scratch? IF so simmer your cauliflower in freshly made beef broth until tender, then run all through your blender. No cream necessary for the best cauliflower soup you would swear had cream. 😉 Of course a dash of sea salt and white pepper to taste…Diane

    • I make stock whenever I can and save every drop from a casserole or pot roast, unfortunately there never seems to be enough. Thank you for the tip for the cauliflower, I’ll give it a try.

      • Any leftover roasted veggies (butternut, cauliflower) are great tossed into homemade broth, warmed and spun in a blender, for a creamy goodness almost instantly!

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