11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Late Harvest

  1. I read somewhere yesterday that they ripen well in a kitchen cupboard…. ? Hope you have a recipe for green tomato chutney if they don’t! 🙂

    • Bananas will do the trick too. However, these are destined for green tomato chutney – a croft garden speciality and made in industrial quantities to keep my friends and family happy.

  2. Goodness, you are going to be busy. What an amazing crop you must have had.

    • The tomatoes have been excellent this year, we’ve eaten lots, frozen some for sauces and still enough for chutney.
      Making chutney (with plenty of cool jazz in the background) is a lovely way to spent a wet Saturday.

  3. That’s a motley collection – I wonder which your favourite is? I have 12 jars of tomato (red) chutney, but the tomatoes are still coming so there may be more… I don’t have enough jazz CDs so it would have to be blues…

    • I’ve finally finished the last batch of chutney! It has been a particularly good year for tomatoes, but I can’t take the credit all due to the sunshine and a very long season with good weather extending to the end of September.By far the best for eating was Black Russian, marmande was also good and great for cooking. Flamingo a small plum was also good but not as good as Luciola which I have grew last year. Sun Gold was not a success, more like grapes than cherries!
      The first batch was made with piano accompaniment by Chopin, but the second was less serene, with some light rock Paul Simon. I wonder of it affects the taste?

      • I am sure it does, and I think you need to do a structured scientific experiment to check out that last thought – but do you talk while you make the chutney as well, or hum… or sing?! I was interested to read about your different varieties – I was not impressed with Black Russian last year and the Marmande I have this year have been mixed with other varieties so perhaps I ought to try them separately. Sungold was again a success but my Gardeners’ Delight were larger than usual and not especially tasty – I even wondered if they had been wrongly packed. I STILL have tomatoes to pick!

        • Unfortunately each batch of chutney tends to have a slightly different mix of ingredients depending on what’s available and what leaps out of the spice cupboard onto the worktop, so no hope of a controlled experiment. The choice of music tends to reflect my mood and I’m sure this will affect the choice of spices. Mind you on the day I made chutney, I was obviously distracted as I used plain flour without baking powder to make a batch of cheese scones!
          You will be relieved to know that I don’t sing and the tuneless whistle is reserved for the gardening. I have to confess to the odd curse and a little bit to jiving to stop the knees from setting while I’m chopping tons of tomatoes!
          It’s dark, wet and windy and the tomato vines came down last week.

          • No scientific experiment then 🙁 And if all your chutney was made on one day it MUST have been tons of tomatoes you chopped! It’s the skinning and stirring that wears me out, so I only do a 2lb batch at a time – I thought it might save time doubling up quantities, but it didn’t, it just took twice as long to thicken!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely card. There’s something so much more real about a handwritten card from so far away arriving in the post! Happy planning and planting for next season 😊

    • Sorry for the tardiness, I’ve been refurbishing the ark. If it doesn’t stop raining soon the next post card may be from the Atlantic.

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