Week of Flowers 2022

Day Six: 5 December 2022: A rugged, wrinkled rose

In an ideal world, cottage gardens should overflow with a sumptuous abundance of perfumed plants, but achieving the ideal on the exposed western coast of the Outer isles is perhaps over ambitious. I have finally a managed to persuade some honeysuckle to tumble over the garden wall, but roses have proved to be more difficult. There is however, Rosa rugosa, often called the beach rose, which will grow on the coast in sandy soil.

There is a small scrubby patch which has become established just beyond our big hedge on the roadside verge. It wouldn’t win any prizes, but the insects love the flowers, the birds like the hips and I enjoy the perfume and the wonderful succession from bud to fruit.

2 thoughts on “Week of Flowers 2022

  1. A tough little plant with such delicate flowers. We have both white and pink ones here, but I have no idea why the colour varies. I didn’t know they are also called Beach Roses. Glad you finally got your roses Chris!

    • You would think that I had enough of a challenge without dreaming about plants I definitely can’t grow! I do appreciate my little patch of roses and as there are never enough hips to share I leave them for the birds.

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