Week of Flowers 2022

Day Seven: 6 December 2022: Bishops in the Orchard

Dahlia - Bishop of York
Dahlia – Bishop of York

This is one of the last plants to flower in the garden. I have never been too enamoured with dahlias, but the Bishop of York is quite stunning. The small bright lemon flowers with orange centres are the perfect foil for the dark purple leaves. I have recenly added the Bishop of Landaff to the garden, but to circumvent be diocesan disputes they are in different sections of the orchard.

This is the last in the series of posts contributed to Cathy’s Week of Flowers and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Thank you Cathy.

8 thoughts on “Week of Flowers 2022

  1. Cathy

    Hi Chris. Your bishop positively glows among his robes of dark foliage! Lovely that you have late flowers like this. Thanks for joining in and contributing to the floral party. It’s been a great week! 🤗

    • Thank you Cathy for encouraging us all to contribute. I was inspired and enjoyed looking back on the flowers from the summer that didn’t arrive in the Hebrides! Perhaps next year we might have a littel more sunshine.

  2. My favourite Dahlia! But not as full as flowers as my other dahlias.

    • I’m not a great Dahlia grower, but the Bishop series is a winner in my garden.

  3. 🤣 I bought D. Bishop of Oxford this year (since I am on an orange streak) and was quite pleased with it. The contrast between leaves and flowers for D. Bishop of York is even more striking though!

    • I like the idea of having a synod of bishops in the garden and they are great favourites with our bumblebees.

  4. Gosh, still blooming outdoors, Christine? Amazing!

    • Although it has been wet and windy, the orchard is relatively sheltered and upto the big freeze the dahlias, marigolds and hardy geraniums were still in flower. They were looking a bit like “the morning after…” but were determined to continue to the bitter end. Definitely no room for whimps in the croft garden.

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