Winter Afternoon

winter afternoon

Like languid trapeze artistes the gulls trace celestial arcs
as a dying sun tints the clouds with ashes of roses.
Effervescent spray breaks over the whale-backed reef
as a clowning troupe of ravens tumble earthward
Icarian feathers black as the cold fingers of night.

6 thoughts on “Winter Afternoon

  1. Is this penned by local South Uist poet, Christine Johnson? What a wonderful view to have the privilege of finding words to describe – the full-blown drama of the words complements the monochrome image to perfection

    • words whispered by the waves
      inspire minimal word pictures
      mere graffiti on the wind
      Thank you, but hardly poems just fragments.

      • But surely inspirational prose and poetry ARE word pictures, whether minimal or less so?

  2. I’ll be looking out for “ashes of roses” next time I see a sunset, at least we have that.

  3. Mario Mirelez

    ‘The cold fingers of night’ sent a little chill up my spine. Beautifully worded. I would love a few of your thoughtful lines for my New Years post.

    • Happy New Year Mario and thank you for your support during my first blogging year. You are very welcome to quote from my posts any time – indeed I take it as a great compliment.

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