6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Magic mushrooms

  1. They’re good looking mushrooms!
    On a different note – have you seen the Northern Lights?

    • Beautiful but deadly!
      Alas it was too cloudy. Mind you if I’d have put a slither of Amanita in the risotto we’d have seen more than celestial fireworks.
      This mushroom is for shamans only -it can be fatal in large doses and experimentation is definitely not to be recommended.

      • Ha ha ha… not worth the trip 🙂 Really interesting funghi though!

        • On dark wet mornings like this I can see why the Lapps go in for some mid-winter flying!

  2. Magiclal for sure, they appear to have been painted.

    • They are a wonderful colour and this year we managed to find them at their peak. These are the archetypal fairy mushroom and you half expect to find the wee folk with them

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