7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Melt the garlic butter

  1. Would you? Could you?

  2. Well, I have, but not homegrown ones. I have a much quicker way of disposing of those which I won’t go into here,

    • I’ve tried the continental version, great garlic butter but otherwise I was underwhelmed. I’ve no intention of trying the local version, however an entrepreneur on Barra is exporting them to France! C’est la vie.

      • You are right, it is like eating garlicky rubber bands.
        When you think about it, it’s a disgusting thing to eat. All that slime!

  3. Tried them in France, loved the garlic butter but it was a bit like eating whelks, when I bit down my jaw almost sprung open they were so rubbery. Frog’s legs much better, just like garlic chicken!

    • Totally agree about the whelks too! I’ve not tried frog’s legs but they sound an improvement on escargot!

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