7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Pineapple Lilies

  1. Aren’t they pretty, and from your photos most of them look as if they are being grown outside too. From talking to someone at an NGS garden last year I realised they are often hardier than we imagine, so I have tried some of the smaller ones (E autumnalis; currently flowering but a bit floppy and perhaps need a discrete stake) but yours are far more imposing.

    • I have grown them for many years and the current bulbs must be over 15 years old.
      Pole-evansii is probably one of the largest and very robust. I grow the outside, but I have to shelter them from the wind or the leaves get shredded. I’ve not grown autumnalis so I don’t know whether it has a floppy habit. Grow them hard in a well drained gritty and don’t over feed.
      Vandermerwei is only 6 inches tall and I grow it in polytunnel, but it is hardy enough to grow outside. I don’t suppose you have room for one?

      • I think I might move the autumnalis to a pot and if you say the Vandermerwei is hardy enough for outside and you had the odd bulb to spare I wouldn’t say no…. thanks 🙂

        • I will label a bulb for you and send when the foliage has died down for the winter.

          • Thank you 🙂

  2. Lovely! Have never seen these before.

    • One of my favourite summer bulbs. South African in origin, but good in pots outside and easy to grow. The flowers are very waxy and last for ages.

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