8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Umbels

  1. Great photos!

    • Thank you. I can’t grow Angelica in the cottage garden, but the wild species is all over the headland. I suspect the garden is too dry. I think it is lovely statuesque, architectural plant and the seed heads are as fascinating as the flowers.

  2. Oh aren’t they just beautiful?!

    • I think so! Wonder what the collective name for a patch of umbelliferas is?

      • I’m sure you could come up with something appropriate – definitely an umbelliferation…;)

        • Thanks, they are very stately and deserve a collective noun.

  3. Those are truly beautiful (and I know the collective name. It’s a Sneeze of Umbellifers, or that could just be me reacting to my wild carrot forest)…

    • A sneeze it is- far more imaginative than anything I’d thought of; although I quite like arcade.

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