Turbulent Thursday

storm Abigail
©BBC/Met Office

… and they called the wind Abigail?

I’m off to batten down the hatches again and check the operation winter storm preparations.

Winter has arrived – but what a good reason to abandon the chores and sit by the fire with a good book.

30 thoughts on “Turbulent Thursday

  1. Good luck with Abigail. She sounds scary.

    • With a name like Abigail, I’m not expecting anything too bad. I might be more worried if she’d been called Apocolypta!

  2. Every cloud has a silver lining, and all that. Enjoy 🙂

    • I don’t need too much encouragement to curl up with a good book by the fire.

  3. I hope the storm passes you safely. Meanwhile the idea of a good book by the fire, sounds wonderful.

    • After last winter I think I’m fairly relaxed about storm force winds and try not too worry unless the prediction is 90mph++ for a couple of days.
      I have a good supply of books, plenty of firewood and enough candles to light the Vatican!

  4. I am a bit worried – and we are only in the yellow zone here in Aberdeen. We have a big tree rather close to the house though that needs a limb taking off. We have been getting quotes to have this done and then falling over in a faint when we read them. We are getting another quote tomorrow – hope it isn’t too late. Hope all is OK with you over the next few days. I guess this will bring down the last of the leaves.

    • Oh dear I hope you and the tree survived. Fortunately I don’t have too worry about trees, just flying fish boxes!

      • We were fine thanks. The wind didn’t actually seem very bad at all. Were you OK?

  5. Are you still standing? My poor girls got caught in a downpour not happy Chooks 🐓🐓💨💦💦

    • Well Abigail huffed and puffed quite a bit and we had a good drenching, but we’re still standing. I hope your “ladies” are safe and dry in the hen house, there is nothing more miserable that a drenched hen.

      • They survived but then keep knocking on the kitchen door asking to get in. And the cat wants out! 😸🐓🐓😱

        • I think you might over indulge your ladies, but then why not. Unfortunately they might have to get used to a Scottish winter

  6. So strange, here I am standing upside down at the other end of the world and everything is just beginning. The feeling is so different too, not just the air or the angle of the sun, it’s like everything is laid out before us, it’s a moving feast of awakening life. As I grow older I don’t want to miss a moment for who knows how many more I will see.
    Cheers, M from Down Under

    • You are absolutely right, we must try and get the most from every moment. Not all of the experiences are good and life enhancing, but these are the ones which gives us the wisdom of age. So enjoy it all. Big storms can be very scary, but I could hardly tear myself from the window, the sealscape was magnificient and the squalls absolutely tremendous. Mind you it wasn’t much fun going out to check the greenhouse and the polytunnel.

  7. I trust your hatches are well and truly battened and you have a very good book to get engrossed in… ps I peered very closely at the Saturday map to see if the islands had been blown away altogether…

    • We’re still here and getting reday for the next, so far unamed< storm on Monday. Abigail was a bit of a wimp, we only managed 82mph. Ok a bit more than a strong breeze, but more of an inconvenience than a white knuckle ride. I wasn't too pleased when I got caught in a squall and got soaked.

      • South Uist was mentioned in the Sunday Times weekly weather report today as having had the strongest winds – they said 84mph. I am sure you had a very good reason for unbattening your hatches and going out so I am sure the soaking was worth it…

        • Just a standard winter storm.
          I was going to get my hair cut at my neighbours – life goes on whatever the weather!

          • Your neighbour must have wondered what the wind had blown in when she/he opened the door… 😉

          • No not at all, I always look like something the wind has blown in!

          • But not too similar to the Blue Hag of Wherever, I trust…

  8. Hope you keep warm and cosy. I’d love an excuse to sit by the fire and read a book 🙂

    • Thank you – reading by the fire, a pot of tea and a piece of ginger cake, absolute heaven. To be recommended at least once a month, more in the winter! I think you can buy a subscription, but sadly it’s not yet available on the NHS.

  9. Good luck with the winter storm and I hope you are enjoying your book by the fire..

    • Thank you I had a lovely afternoon. A good reason to buy more books, not that I need any encouragement. Books are an essential component in my winter survival kit.

  10. Liz Morton

    I’ve been waiting for your news about Abigail – wish I were there to experience the storm (safely!)

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